Serving Catskill and the community

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Tasty soups and crisp salads

Just looking for something a bit lighter? Stop by for a soup or salad. Hot soups are prepared daily from Sept. 1 - May 31. Please call ahead for the soup of the day. Make it a special by adding a tossed salad, six inch sandwich, or two slices of pizza.

Serving Catskill and the community since 1986

Call 518-943-6556


Small / Large

Tossed Salad

4.25 / 5.25

Chef Salad

7.00 / 7.75


7.75 / 9.00

Grilled Chicken Salad

7.75 / 9.25

Served with bread and butter

Cheese or hot peppers 50¢ Extra


Hot Soup Prepared Daily

(Sept.1 - May 31)


(Please Call for Soup of the day)

Special: Any of the following


(1) Soup with a small tossed salad

(2) Soup with a six inch cold sandwich

(3) Soup with two slices of pizza

*prices are subject to change

Salad Soup

Includes Bread or Crackers